In a recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss’ mom took some shots at Phaedra Parks when she said, “I think she [Phaedra] should be in jail and she should share a cell with her soon to be ex husband Apollo.” Oop.

Phaedra then took to her blog to clapback at Mama Joyce saying, “I am never surprised when attention seeking people say and do things to get attention, because it’s what they do and expected. It is unfortunate that she is still searching for significance this late in her life, rather than focus on the after life. Bless her heart.” Yikes!

During in an interview with 94.5’s “The Streetz Morning Take Over,” Kandi basically said that Phaedra will talk that talk, but never to the face of whomever she’s talking about.

“She didn’t talk to my momma crazy in her face,” she said. “Let’s be clear. This is what Phaedra does, she talks about everybody in her interviews, but she never really says it in their face.”

Watch the full clip below!

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