Recently Houston Texans owner Bob McNair faced backlash after he was quoted saying, “We can’t have inmates running the prison,” while at an NFL owners meeting.

According to XXL, while Jay-Z kicked off his 4:44 Tour in Anaheim, CA on Friday he briefly addressed the comments on stage.

Before performing his single, “The Story of O.J.” he said to the crowd, “[They’re] injuring themselves on the field, giving it all they got. That’s how they look at you. That’s what they think about you. We got so much further to go. The truth is we all believe in whatever you believe in. God, Allah. Whatever you believe in, we come from one source which means we are all brothers and sisters at the end of the day.”

McNair released a statement apologizing for his comments, claiming he did not mean to offend anyone.

In the past Jay-Z has spoken on the incidents in the NFL when it comes to players protesting against injustices. Back in September, he dedicated his performance of “The Story of O.J.” to Colin Kaepernick while at the Meadows Music & Arts Festival.

He also allegedly turned down performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.


Check out the video below:


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