#Roommates we all saw #JeremyMeeks glo’ up right before our eyes. Once known for being the original #PrisonBae – Jeremy has since changed his life around. He has a budding modeling career, rips runways, rubs elbows with our faves and even has a billionaire boo by his side now! Only problem is according to his ex #MelissaMeeks, Jeremy gol’d up and forgot all about her and his kids!

According to @TMZ_TV, Melissa Meeks has officially filed documents demanding child support, sole legal and physical custody and spousal support. In the documents, Melissa is claiming Jeremy sees their 7-year-old son “maybe 2 times a month.” Sis also threw some slight shade saying: “[Jeremy] basically lives as a playboy lifestyle with a rich girlfriend.”

Melissa is also pulling receipts saying he drives a $150K car and has lots of jewelry courtesy of his new boo TopShop Heiress #ChloeGreen.

Though Jeremy has filed for divorce from Melissa after 8 years of marriage, he’s technically still married so by law, Melissa is well within her right to ask for spousal support.

Let’s hope these two can come up with an arrangement that’s mutually beneficial. Cause of right now Jeremy seems like he’s just livin’ the life!

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2017/10/30/jeremy-meeks-ex-demands-child-support-playboy/

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