TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ ) _____________________________________ #SWIPE Alright #Roommates, I can hear y'all talking already–& NO nobody paid me to write this 😂🙄 but hear me out 😩! _____________________________________ I was minding my business listening to my music on shuffle then a #BowWow song came on (outta my system ft. Johnta ). It had me reminiscing back to when I–and probably a lot of other girls–were stanning hard for him cuz he was bae, & no one could tell me he wasn't. _____________________________________ It got me thinking like damn, he acts a fool sometimes that people forget that he has a long list of accomplishments. I'm all about giving credit where credit is due, and although I was FRONT & CENTER in posting the #BowWowChallenge 🙊 I think it's appropriate to show him some love, appreciation, and respect for his résumé! #TSRAppreciationz _____________________________________ 📸: @gettyimages

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TSR Staff: Thembi (@ThembiTV_)

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