Things have been extremely heated between the NFL, NBA, and Donnie. We wonder if he’s begun to second guess the shade he threw at the Steph Curry and those athletes who, as he put it, “disrespects the flag.”
Michael Jordan is amongst many others to speak out in response to Donnie’s actions. In a statement, he offers his support to Commissioner Adam Silver, NBA players, and anyone else who are or wish to exercise their right to free speech.

“One of the fundamental rights this country is founded on was freedom of speech, and we have a long tradition of nonviolent, peaceful protest. Those who exercise the right to peacefully express themselves should not be demonized or ostracized.

“At a time of increasing divisiveness and hate in this country, we should be looking for ways to work together and support each other and not create more division.

“I support Commissioner Adam Silver, the NBA, its players and all those who wish to exercise their right to free speech.”

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