#Roommates, I know it’s been a while since we’ve heard from #RyanLeslie but that’s because he’s been going through it ever since he lost his laptop years ago! So here’s the backstory guys, Ryan lost his laptop while he was overseas with unreleased music on it. He offered $1 million as a reward for anyone who found it… problem is the guy who found it never got his $1 mill!

According to @Blast, a man by the name of #ArminAugstein found Ryan’s laptop and returned it to him. THE GAG is when Armin returned the laptop none of Ryan’s music was actually on there! So obviously Ryan refused to pay. The case was taken to court and a jury ordered Ryan to pay Austin $1.18 million in damages. But in a calculated business move, Ryan filed for bankruptcy right after the judgment!

But last week it looks like court documents were filed and calls for “all interest in Leslie’s musical rights and future royalty payments to Augstein for songs he produced, wrote or recorded.” #Roommates that includes hits like #YouBeKillinEm, #DownForMe, #UAndMe, #Addiction and so on. The deal reports Augustein will be entitled to $538K from royalties. If after 6 years Augstein has still not gotten at least $300K, he’ll still have rights over Ryan’s music until he hits that mark.

If nothing else, this sounds like a cold hard lesson to “say what you mean and mean what you say!”

Source: https://theblast.com/ryan-leslie-loses-music-catalog/

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