A Florida high school is catching major heat after they banned Paula Goodgame, a junior at the school, and her girlfriend from going to prom together. 

St. Petersburg Catholic High School broke the news to Paula just one week prior to the dance with an email that read: 

“Students are not allowed to bring people of the same sexes [as] their date. However, if you could have one of your male friends ask her as his date that would probably work. If you have any other questions about what is allowed, let me know :)”

When Paula asked the school why they are not allowing her and her girlfriend Anjali Persad to go as a couple, “they simply said that they wanted to keep traditions and stick to their original rules. It seems silly to me, because there’s a rule that you can’t bring someone over 20 to prom, and someone is bringing their 22 year old boyfriend to the dance,” Paula complained. 

Paula is a senior at another high school. 

Paula broke the news via Twitter and since then, the school has reportedly upset and told her they wanted to speak with her about it on Monday. 

On a lifter note, we hear that both Paula and Anjali have been crowned prom queen at the Anjali’s school prom. 

Source: seventeen, http://www.seventeen.com/love/news/a46082/teen-girl-couple-banned-from-florida-prom/?src=socialflowTW

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