Stacey Dash is defending Kanye West. She wrote an opinion piece for Americanewshub and said that the rapper should not apologize for his recent tweets.

“There is nothing more racist than telling someone what to believe based on the color of their skin,” she wrote. “Hate groups organize their entire existence based on this principle.”

Dash went on to say that she can relate to the backlash. “My journey started when I changed my mind on Barack Obama and endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012,” she shared. “I didn’t expect it when the Democrats swung into full attack mode, calling me names like “coon” and “Oreo” for not supporting Obama, who I lost faith in after seeing little to no change for black people in general, but especially those at the bottom of the economic spectrum.”

“Good for Kanye West for standing up to these people,” she continued. “They don’t deserve a blank check, and the days of us writing them one during each election year are coming to a close. We are not victims or unworthy of our own opinions. We are individuals.”

She added that she’s no one’s victim. “I am off the plantation. I’m glad to see Kanye West stand up for himself,” she said. “So here’s the question: who’s the real ‘Uncle Tom’?”

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