18-year-old Obdulia Sanchez may be facing some serious jail time for killing her sister Jacqueline Sanchez in a deadly car crash all while live streaming the whole ordeal on Instagram.

According to KSFN-TV, the teen was reportedly under heavy influence while driving with her 14-year-old sister Jacqueline Sanchez and a friend. During the livestream, the teen lost control of the car and crashed into a barbed-wire fence before landing in a field. Her sister and friend who weren’t wearing seat belts at the time were ejected from the car. In the video you can hear Obdulia plead with her sister, saying: “Jacqueline, please wake up,” while trying to shake her sister.

She continued: “I f—king killed my sister, OK? I know I’m going to jail for life. I understand that. I don’t f—king care, though. I’m sorry, baby. I’m gonna hold it down.” says Obdulia to the camera.

Obdulia is currently being held in a county jail on charges of vehicular manslaughter while under the influence.


TSR STAFF; Maurita Salkey @Maurita.Salkey

Source- http://nypost.com/2017/07/24/i-f-king-killed-my-sister-teen-live-streams-fatal-car-crash/

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