Quick question, #Roommates: is hell a curse word?! 
That has been the question parents have been responding to across America since this #HellChallenge has swept the Internet. 

We took a poll on #Twitter to see what the #Roomies on there thought of the word — 77 percent said “Heeellll nah” to hell being a curse word; while 23 percent said “hell yea it is.” 

Users have been uploading their text conversations with their parents about the word: 

@HolaFxnty: “ma, is hell a curse word?” 

Mom: “Depends on how you use it, Stink.”


Towanda: “The hell you calling my name for woman?”

Mom: “I STG I’m going to smack the HELL out of you.” 

Towanda: “I wish the hell you would”

@CaliKay: “Aye dad is hell a cuss word?”

Dad: “It depends. Why?”

Kaiyah: “What the hell you mean it depends? 

Dad: “Kaiyah. Don’t get f***** up”

@ktaylor_m: “Mom is hell a cuss word?” 

Mom: “lmao! Yeah! Don’t say it no more! … No it ain’t”

@ktaylor_m: “Well hell I was just Wondering.” 
Mom: “You getting a whooping soon as I get home. 

@ktaylor_m: “You can’t beat me I’m 20-years-old… Old as hell” 
Did any of you test the waters with your parents? We want to hear about it–lets chat below! 

TSR STAFF: Chantel P.! @_popchanny on IG! 

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