A video of a man running around the streets of Detroit while holding a Kangaroo on a leash took the internet by storm Tuesday.

It’s safe to say we all had questions, and definitely needed answers–and now, we have them. The mystery has been solved, and it was revealed by MLive.com that the kangaroo is part of a “traveling, educational animal show.”

The show, Exotic Zoo, is run by the guy in the video—Javon Stacks, who was in the area for a birthday party.

Mlive.com reports that the Exotic Zoo is a 10-year-old mobile zoo where animals are brought to homes or schools to give kids who don’t ordinarily get the chance to see exotic animals the chance to have a hands-on experience with them.

“Inner city kids’ parents don’t have enough money to go to the zoo or transportation to go to the zoo,” Stacks said, adding that the mobile zoo is a way to see what students learn “come to life” outside of their school books and movies.

It’s amazing what Javon Stacks and his team are doing, and the story behind the crazy video that gave us all the giggles is definitely a happy tear-jerker.

TSR Staff: Thembi So. @ThembiTV_on Instagram

Via: MLive.com

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