We’re sure that by now all of our lovely #Roomies are caught up with this Bow Wow vs Brandon T. Jackson beef. Most recently, Wackstar uploaded a text thread that insinuated that Brandon hit him up looking for a one-on-one fight with Bow.

But Brandon says those messages didn’t come from him and someone is instigating because he forgave Bow Wow publicly via Instagram just hours before the text thread was posted.

“Those text messages ain’t me! Somebody is instigating this. I already forgave bow wow, look at my previous post. These dudes are trying to get attention off of something that ain’t got nothing to do with them,” he tells us. “People must [have] nothing else to do. People need to grow up. We aren’t in roll bounce no more lol…  so whoever is trying to keep this going you gonna have to deal with the father on that  #kingdomovereverything Chronicles 16:22 “Touch not my Anointed and do my Prophets no harm.”

There you have it, folks!

TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny!

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