Roommates, how many of you have ever been engaged? Was the proposal memorable? There’s a great pressure that comes along with making your decision to spend the rest of your life with someone official.

Take Kornelius Bascombe for example. He met his boo Rachel while attending North Carolina State University and began dating two years after they officially met. It wasn’t until four years later that this young man realized that he was in love.

Talia O: When did you discover that Rachel was “the one”?

KB: “Well, Rachel is such a beautiful woman inside and out. She’ll do anything to make someone happy. One thing I admire the most about her is that she has a strong relationship with God, which is so essential in any relationship. Despite what arguments we might have, we have never given up on each other and that’s honestly when I realized she was the one for me.

A lasting relationship doesn’t happen over night, it takes obstacles and challenges to strengthen a relationship and I believe that the things we’ve been through as a unit have prepared us for life together. In any relationship you want someone who is going to believe in you and believe in the relationship and we’ve always believed in each other and our relationship.”

What struck me the first time I saw Kornelius and Rachel’s proposal video was that they exuded black excellence. It was abundantly clear to me that Rachel was a queen in the eyes of her true love and that being black and in love meant something so much more deeper to him.

When I asked why black love is so important to him, Bascombe replied,

“Black love is so important to me because there’s so much negativity surrounding our culture. As a race we started out at a deficit, followed by years of oppression and negativity, so to see us in a positive light that resembles love, it gives our race a different image than what people expected from us from the beginning.

He continued:

“Especially with all the stigmatism of the black male and female from shaming black relationships with baby daddy negativity, or the idea that women only use men for a check, is wrong.

I realized that it meant more to our culture to see a black man and lead in love, and then make a commitment for marriage. It throws a dagger at the doubters and how we view our women. When you find someone who relates to your struggles and understands your culture, it’s one of the most genuine things. Black love is beautiful when done right.”

Rachel and Kornelius have not yet set a date for the wedding, because they want to take the time to enjoy being engaged first, but, you guys can check out the perfectly detailed proposal below. He took Rachel out on a helicopter ride where a surprise proposal and photoshoot was waiting for them! Kornelius even had her family call in via FaceTime and Rachel didn’t even know! The night ended with dinner and with friends at the club waiting to congratulate them!


Did he nail that or what, Roommates?!

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