#Roommates, do you remember #WillIAm from #TheBlackEyedPeas? Well looks like he’s taking his talents from the studio to corporate markets because he’s creating a massive tech company!

#WillIAm, who’s most known for his involvement with the #BlackEyedPeas and other music acts, has now secured $117M in venture funding for his voice assistant software service called Omega. For those who don’t know much about voice assistant software, think along the lines of Apple’s “Siri” or Amazon’s “Alexa.”

In an interview with Ruesters, when talking about his new voice powered software, Will says: “I wanted to create something that allows us to do many things. There’s so much you can do with a voice platform.”

As of now Will.I.Am’s company is focusing on customer support but he explains the plan is to “use technology to build several more enterprise voice AI products.”

Congrats to Will.I.Am!

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/indyventure/will-i-am-plus-tech-startup-venture-funding-computing-market-voice-assistant-a8041406.html

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