Yet another Tupac item has hit the market! How much would you guys pay for Tupac’s handwritten “Dear Mama” lyrics? How does $75,000 sound?
According to TMZ, bought the lyrics from a collector in Poland. 
The lyrics, like we said, are handwritten on three sheets of loose leaf paper; but what we didn’t tell you was that it includes more than the words to a piece of hip-hop’s history. 
We hear there are doodles of feature ideas for the song. 

If you guys remember, there was a version released featuring “Yo-Yo.” It’s a possibility that his name was amongst others doodled on the paper. 

Do y’all remember when his love notes’ going price was $25k? That’s nothing compared to this $75k, right? Would y’all consider the purchase if you had $75k burning a hole in your pocket? 


TSR STAFF: Chantel P.! @_popchanny on IG! 

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