During today’s political circus, #BenCarson has definitely claimed clown of the day after he said that slaves were immigrants. 

Twitter has been coming for him ever since his words hit people’s ears! 

Take Samuel L. Jackson for example! He tweeted: “OK!! Ben Carson….I can’t! Immigrants ? In the bottom of SLAVE SHIPS??!! MUTHAF**** PLEASE!!!#d***headedtom.” And then we have Whoopi Goldberg who told Ben that he needs a history lesson: “Ben Carson..please read or watch Roots, most immigrants come here VOLUNTARILY,cant’t really say the same about the slaves..they were stolen.”

Here’s what the people had to say: 

“Let Ben Carson tell it Harriet Tubman ran a very succesful travel agency.???? #bencarson #alternativehistory” (‪@justlikecandi_1 )

“What school did Ben Carson go to? If only to remind us never to go there.” (‪@ManuelManfredi3)

“Somebody please go to Dr. Ben Carson’s Wikipedia page and delete the part that says he’s from Detroit… please and thank you.. ” (‪@MrDetroitTycoon)

“I think Ben Carson is in the sunken place someone unhypnotize him quick .” (@glooo15)

What do you have to say about the video? Check it out below: 

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