Okay now wait. A. Damn. Minute.

I am shook and have some Holy Water next to me ’cause Lord knows I don’t need those kinds of problems.

A random twitter account @beyoncefan666 tweeted Queen Bey’s pregnancy announcement long before she did.

Along with other accurate predictions of Bey, the account also predicted Donald Trump’s presidency, Brexit, and Lady Gaga performing at this years Super Bowl.

That being said, Bey and her team need to clean house or something because the person behind the account claims to be an intern from Bey’s company, Parkwood.

“Being a Parkwood intern and low key psychic is lit,” they tweeted in July of 2016.

Chile… Who are you, and who sent you?!

The internet is mind blown by this account, and some have come up with the theory that Blue Ivy, Kylie Jenner, or Bey herself is behind the account.

Check out some of these hilarious responses below!


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