Roommates, the Internet has arrived at a new level of petty. It all started when a woman named Cidney G. shared her 27th birthday party invite which encourages people to be naked and engage in whatever sexual acts they’d like to…wherever they’d like to. It’s a judge-free, #sexpositive party, but Twitter is going in on Cidney and her friend for essentially putting people in positions that would likely land them an STD.

However, the invite does encourage safe sex and says that they are even providing condoms! As a heads up, you have to pay to play! To jets cost $99.99 for single women and $175 for couples and single men, but this includes dinner and brunch (lmao). Check out some of the funniest reactions we’ve seen!

1.) Just in case you missed the invite, here is the creator of the event. It’s sold out twice at this point!

2.) Whoever made this is petty.

3.) Lawddd, Jesus no y’all did not!

4.) Where. In the world. Is the chill around here?!

5.) Which one of y’all does this apply to?

6.) Not everyone in Atlanta is too thrilled about this party happening.

7.) Leave the Falcons out of this!!

8.) Questions require answers…

9.) I know that’s right!

10.) LMAO

11.) …more like Freaknik!

12.) This was pretty much everyone’s reaction upon hearing about #ATLOrgy

13.) We should be ashamed of ourselves…

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