Hey, Roommates! Have you ever been watching a movie and thought that one of the characters was your spirit animal? Me too, y’all!! That’s why I linked characters who I think most accurately represents each zodiac sign. Did I nail it?


Sebastian – Sagittarius

Sebastian is the voice of reason throughout the entire movie and a Sag, being the level headed creatures that they are, can be that for their closest friends.

Flotsam & Jetsam – Gemini

These two are double the trouble just like most Geminis.

King Triton – Leo

Leo is the King of the land and the sea, just as we see here in The Little Mermaid!

Ursula – Scorpio

In the words of Damien from Mean Girls, “She’s fabulous but she’s evil.”

Flounder – Libra

Flounder always battled with doing the right thing versus doing what was best and it seems that most Libras struggle with that a lot.

Scuttle – Pisces

We chose Scuttle as the Pisces since he’s always willing to try new things. He has his own language and system for the way things should be done.

Prince Eric – Taurus

He’s handsome and he’s charming, but even though the spotlight is always on him, Prince Eric remained humble as can be!

Ariel – Cancer

Cancer is the Queen Bee of the water signs, if I must say so myself, so Ariel is the best fit.

Ariel’s 6 Sisters – Aquarius

Aquarians have tons of personality and one character alone isn’t enough to encompass all that comes with this sign…so here are six! Their names are Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella and Alana. See the ‘A’ theme?

Grimsby – Capricorn

Grimsby was an older character and most of the time old people can be stubborn–just like Capricorn! Thankfully, you can get them to do anything with a nudge in the right direction!

The Priest – Aries

In the eyes of the Zodiac, Aries are the youngest and typically have a more divine connection to the Creator. With that being said I chose Aries to represent the priest who marries Ariel and Eric. I really hope I didn’t get too deep on y’all!

Seahorse – Virgo

The seahorse made sure that the kingdom ran smoothly. With their attention to detail, Virgo has the most in common with him!



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