Y’all know they say the original is better than the sequel, and while that sometimes hold true, given the right artists and producers, some remixes trump the original every time! Not to say that the originals suck, but we all have that remix that we prefer over the original  —  like Chris Brown’s “Poppin’.” That song takes me back to my childhood quick, fast, and in a hurry; but let the remix come on and you’d think I wrote Wayne’s verse for him the way I hop in my bag!


Anyways, here are 15 remixes that will forever be lit (in no specific order)! What are some of yours?!


    1. Poppin’ Remix

    1. Ignition Remix

    1. Touch It Remix

    1. Unfoolish

    1. Flawless Remix

    1. Fantasy Remix

    1. Walk It Out Remix

    1. So Into You Remix

    1. Umbrella Remix

    1. Flava In Ya Ear Remix

    1. Ladies Night Remix

    1. No, No, No Pt. 2

    1. In Love With A Stripper Remix

    1. Ego Remix

    1. 4, 3, 2, 1 Remix


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