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TSR Trending Topics: Waste His Time 2016

So on the latest episode of TSR’s “Twitter Trending Topics”, Black Twitter introduces the hashtag #WasteHisTime2016! First of all, how do y’all come up with these hashtags?!

Anywho! It’s seems like #WastHisTime2016 has only been circulating for about a day but more and more people are hopping onto the wave, giving their funny examples, and undoubtedly real life scenarios of how one can waste his time in 2016.

One word to describe some of these tweets: reckless!

We do agree that there’s a lot of humor in these posts because of how truthful they are! Y’all just really be out here wasting each others time, huh?! Y’all know y’all ain’t right but this is a no judgement zone!


But WAYMENT! The fellas wasn’t having it, they clapped back with the #WasteHerTime2016 tag! And y’all already know how that’s going! Check out some of the funniest tweets below!

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TSR intern: Chantel P. IG: @_POPchanny | Twitter: @POPchanny


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