Mos Def Banned From South Africa After Being Caught Using A Fake Passport!!

Mos Def Banned From South Africa After Being Caught Using A Fake Passport!!

Looks like Yasiin Bey is having a hard time in South Africa as its been reported that he has 14 days to leave the country after trying to outwit local immigration laws goes wrong!

According to ABC News, Bey aka Mos Def was arrested at the Cape Town International airport on Thursday when he tried to use a  fake passport to exit the country. Department of Home Affairs spokesman Mayihlome Tshwete confirmed the arrest on Thursday saying that Mos Def was caught using an “unrecognized world passport” when he tried to leave the country. 


A court order has now placed a ban on Mos Def where he is prohibited from entering into South Africa for five years. Fortunately for him, the 42-year-old is allowed to appeal the decision for leniency.

Originally from New York, Mos Def has called Cape Town his home since May 2013 which he traveled to on an American passport. He allegedly  obtained a visitor’s permit but it was expired by 2014 which meant that Mos Def overstayed his stay in the country.

This isn’t the first time Def who’s real name is Dante Smith, has been banned from reentering a country. Back in May 2014, the U.S. (yes his home country) also banned him from entering after he was reportedly trying to come back for a tour. Some people speculate it was his political views that blacklisted him.


He was supported by his family…some of which also are in the country illegally. He is able to apply for permanent residency but has to go about it the legal way. 

Hope it all works out for him! Lets chat below!


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