Earlier today we posted a snippet of the interview Iggy Azalea recently did on Wild 94.1’s ‘Orlando And The Freak Show’ where she threatened that if she caught Nick in another cheating scandal she would go Lorena Bobbitt on his ass! In other words she would take a knife to his manhood.

“No, I’m not cool with it,” Azalea  told the show. “Like, you’ll have half a penis.”

Well she might have to get her scissors ready because we just got footage of Nick with another woman! Chile, when will he learn!

So a Memphis woman who goes by Britt @ItsBrittBiotch is calling Mr. Young out on his b.s.!! She says that they have been seeing each other for a couple of years now and that the video footage that she sent in was taken back in February when he was in town to play against the Grizzlies! Yes we double checked he had a game against Grizzlies at the FedEx Forum in Memphis on February 26th!!

*sips tea*

One thing is for sure she maintains that she is no groupie and that Nick is definitely a two timing dog!

Check out the texts below:



And yes honey she sent video too!



#Wayment, did he just ask her what we think he did? Iggy girl run for the hills!!!

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