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2 Chainz Wins Lawsuit For Viral “THOT” Video


Remember the infamous video that went viral back in March of last year featuring 2 Chainz, his affiliates and (cough cough*) some so-called random girl that got back stage and no one could figure out how?
Well 2 Chainz was confused the most out of everyone and repeatedly titled her as a “THOT” and Christine Chisholm later took the rapper’s hurtful words to trial for $5 million! The verdict has arrived today and apparently calling someone a “THOT” doesn’t get you any type of cash!

If you’ve haven’t seen the video yet it’s pretty embarrassing and you almost feel bad for her but you can’t help but laugh at everyone’s reaction (especially 2 Chainz) when they all try their hardest to figure out “how did you get back here?”

So supposedly they asked for the wrong “Tina” to come backstage during their “blogging territory” session after 2 Chainz just performed. Chisholm mentions in the video that she was invited by rapper Cap 1, also known as “Kev,” as mentioned in the video.
He was also very confused by her appearance and couldn’t recognize her at all, but Chisholm claims that they knew each other off of Instagram and she was invited by Cap 1. All Cap 1 can say was, “You straight baby” while she’s still confused herself by him dismissing her she questions him as if they’re all playing a bad joke on her. It’s not boo.

2 Chainz politely asked her to leave once they figured out it’s the wrong “Tina” but the first conversation that sparked this awkward, yet funny drama, is the fact that he asked Cap 1, “#isthisyourthot?”

The case got dismissed in North Carolina according to TMZ, once a federal judge concluded that calling someone a “THOT” doesn’t hold much value because it’s simply just a word; It is not considered “extreme” or “outrageous” enough to lead to file in hefty damages caused to her.

Check out the “THOT” video that caused this whole thing below


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