Clap Back Season: WildN' Out Model Blasts Draya Michelle!

Clap Back Season: WildN’ Out Model Blasts Draya Michelle!

Looks like Draya Michele may have some drama going on in her business life because one of her clients just put her on blast!

Model, Jena Frumes, took to social media to blast her manager (who just so happens to be Draya) for not doing her managerial duties and when Frumes asked for a contract release via email, Draya apparently went off on her!

In response to Jena asking for a contract release Draya responded, “To answer your question: NO we won’t be releasing you out of you contract. As a business woman, I demand that my business is taken seriously. No where in your contract does it state that I have to post you on my IG (because let’s be real, that’s all you want is the followers)… You don’t want the advising I’ve been trying to give you.”

You can read the rest of the thread below:



Welp of course that didn’t sit well with Jena she captioned her pic with:image image


Yikes…. Hopefully other aspiring IG models are taking note ! Let’s chat below


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