New Evidence May Prove That Joseline Hernandez And Stevie J Were Really Never Married!! (Receipts Inside)

New Evidence May Prove That Joseline Hernandez And Stevie J Were Really Never Married!! (Receipts Inside)

Roomies, we’re going to need ya’ll to have a seat because the tea that is about to be spilled will be scorching hot! Now it’s no secret that reality stars Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J have been going at it for some time now. As the dirty laundry continues to get aired out, we all see that there has been a lot of lies being kept behind closed doors… one being the marriage that never happened!

If you have been tuning in to LHHATL this season you would know about the bombshell Mr. Stebie dropped when he finally admitted that he and Joseline were never married. Well that didn’t sit well with the Puerto Rican princess because after it all she is still claiming to be a Jordan!! Well thats too bad because we have evidence that may show otherwise!

According to, there is a marriage license with Joseline’s real name Shenellica Bettencourt on it but it just says she’s married to someone who isn’t Stevie J!!!! According to the Broward County 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida, Shenellica married a man named Matthew Louis Tremellen on March 21, 1997!!


As many know if you google Shenellica’s age the birth date appears as November 3, 1986 but many people speculated that she may have shaved a decade off her real age after  a 2007 mugshot surfaced online and it stated that she was already 30 years old. If this is true Shenellica would have been 21 when she got married.



Anyways apparently the man she married, Matthew, was indicted back in 1993 on drug charges but there is no word on what life is for him now. Lord this whole situation just has my whole wig snatched! Lets just sip on this slowly and chat below!

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