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WAYMENT: Mother and Son In Love, Fighting the Law To Raise Genetic Sexual Attraction” Awareness.

Warning: Roomies, you might want to take a seat for this tea.

A mother and her son might be looking at up to 18 months in jail on incest charges… yes incest charges. Apparently Monica Mares gave Caleb Petetson (originally named Carlos) up for adoption when he was born. As luck would have it, Monica got the opportunity to meet Caleb when he turned 18. Instead of fighting for a mother-son relationship, the pair is fighting for more of a spousal relationship.


Yes! So they are due to appear in court for trial later this year in New Mexico and are determined to get their point across.

“He is the love of my life, and I don’t want to lose him,” Monica told the Daily Mail. “My kids love him, my whole family does. Nothing can come between us not courts or jail. Nothing.”

Monica’s other eight children are Caleb’s younger siblings. Its pretty safe to say that he’s the poster child for the favorite child. She admitted that she would be willing to give up her right to see them if it means she can be with Caleb.


Apparently they met via Facebook and agreed to meet up. They claim their relationship was very familial.

She says that as time went on she started to gain “crazy” feelings for Caleb.

“It felt like I met somebody new in my life, and I fell in love with him. At first I told him, ‘I’m sorry. I don’t know how you are going to react to this. I’m your mom, and you’re my son, but I’m falling in love with you.’ And he said, ‘You know what, I am too. I was scared to let you know.’ He was falling in love with his mom, and I was falling in love with my son. We talked about it, and we took off to the park.”

Caleb’s argument to falling in love with his mother/girlfriend was, “I never had anyone cook me meals or give me anything. I never got anything my entire life, and she went out of her way to make me happy, and after about a week or so, I started having feelings for her, and I guess I fell in love. It went beyond a mother-son relationship. I never really viewed her as my mom. In certain aspects I do, but mostly, I don’t. I never thought I was crazy for having these feelings because I didn’t see her as my mom. It was more like going to a club and meeting a random person. It didn’t feel wrong. It felt normal.”


Now, after the two were charged with incest and released on a $5k bond, the judge ordered that the Caleb’s siblings, who call him “dad” are not allowed any type of contact with him. He is also restricted from seeing Monica–his mother–and girlfriend.

“It is every bit worth it, If they lock me up for love, then they lock me up,” Monica said. “There is no way anybody could pull us apart, and I really do love him. It hurts (that) he is far away. It hurts really bad. I wish I could see him, talk to him, but I can’t risk it.”

But the gag is: Monica and Caleb said they hope to raise “genetic sexual attraction” awareness, which is basically when close relatives have sexual attraction for eachother upon meeting for the first time as adults.

Source: WPXI, http://www.wpxi.com/news/hot-topics/woman-19yearold-son-fall-in-love-fight-for-relationship-amid-legal-charges/420119327

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