Drake's Dad Insists AubRih Isn't Real: "They're Just Friends"

Drake’s Dad Insists AubRih Isn’t Real: “They’re Just Friends”

Okay now wayment. Drake’s father, Dennis Graham must be under some strict code, or contract from his son or something to not speak on Drake’s relationship with Rihanna, because Dennis is adamant about the two being ‘just friends.’

Initially there were a lot of people skeptical about Rihanna and Drake, aka AubRih being a real thing. People on social media even made comments like “Drake is in a relationship with Rihanna, but Rihanna is single.” Petty.

Social media was rooting for AubRih to be real, but even after their public kiss, some still weren’t convinced. That matching camouflage shark tattoo they both got definitely shifted a couple of minds though.

From what the two have put out there, billboards, Drake professing his love at the VMAs, public kisses, matching tattoos, NYC date nights, walking hand in hand, PDA in the night club etc. it’s safe to conclude that there is definitely a lot more than ‘something’ going on.

Dennis Graham on the other hand, told TMZ that Drake and Rih are just friends, and that The 6 God is far from settling down. Watch what he had to say regarding their relationship below.

Courtesy of TMZ


So what’s your take on it Roommates? Are we gonna go with what AubRih puts out there, or are we going to listen to Pops!? Let’s chat!

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