Roommates, do you remember when Laker point guard D’Angelo Russell got his fellow teammate Nick Young caught up after he shared a video of Nick detailing how he cheated on his then fiancée Iggy Azalea? I mean, their wedding was called off following that incident so who could forget..

D. Russell had some relationship problems of his own amid the Nick Young drama with girlfriend, USC volleyball player Niki Withers, but recently announced that he and Niki were back together and in love.

Terez Owens reported Tuesday that D. Russell was caught cheating after video and photos of him and Afterbuzz TV host Jennifer Leon went public from her phone after the two jumped into an uber together after a fun night out at Hyde Nightclub during Labor Day Weekend.

However, we spoke to his now ex girlfriend Niki Withers, and according to her, the two were no longer in a relationship during Labor Day weekend, and have been broken up for about a month.

“I’m not upset.” She said. “We broke up over a month ago so he didn’t necessarily cheat on me.” She continued. “Best of luck to him.”

Even though she says they weren’t together during the time, Niki tweeted some cryptic tweets on Labor Day that could very well be towards the basketball player.

She tweeted “You could have it. Old news.” Followed by, “Don’t try to have a conversation with me. I’m not responding.”

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But get this Roommates, after doing more research, a source exclusively revealed to us that this wasn’t the first time D. Russell was spotted with the TV host.  Apparently the two were first linked together at a Playboy Mansion party and here’s the gag–it was about a month ago too… Oop!

Our source also reveals that D’Angelo was somewhat thirsty at the Playboy Mansion party and would be all over any and every girl who looked at him.

“It was like a rotating service. Any girl that looked at him he’d be all over it,” our source tells us. “When a girl wanted to grab his penis, he was down and had it all out with his pants undone and ready to go.” The source added.

Apparently when the girls around him would ask him where they were going next, or where the party was, he would make comments such as “On this d*ck. The party’s on this d*ck.” Lawd..

If he was indeed cheating on Niki while at the Playboy Mansion last month, I’m sure Nick Young is somewhere celebrating a short victory of the karma dance!


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