If you’re a makeup lover then you know that makeup lines come up with cute and catchy names for their lipsticks, and other makeup products.

In June, ColourPop launched a line of highlighting and contouring ‘Sculpting Stix’ that received a lot of heat after people noticed some of the names they chose for their ‘darker’ shades, which include, (from dark to darkest) ‘Yikes,’ ‘Dume,’ and ‘Typo,’ being the darkest.

The heat they caught died down then, but they are getting even more backlash today, now that Affinity Magazine shared an open letter to ColourPop called, “Dear ColourPop, My Skin Is Not A Typo,” on September 19th.

Some people found it offensive that the darker tones had names like ‘Yikes’ and ‘Typo,’ while the ‘whiter’ tones had names such as ‘Gummy Bear’ and ‘Castle.’

ColourPop has since apologized and changed the names of the darker shades from ‘Yikes,’ ‘Dume,’ and ‘Typo,’ to ‘Bloom,’ ‘Point Dume,’ and ‘Platonic.’

What do you think Roommates? Did people overreact to the names of the shades, or were they right and justified to take offensive to the names of the darker tones? Let’s chat!

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Via: Cosmopolitan