The music industry doesn’t play about their coins because Omarion is being accused of taking bits and pieces of Chris Brown’s song, “Came To Do”, and now BMG Rights Management wants Omarion to pay up.

According to the TheJasmineBrand, Omarion, Atlantic Records, and DJ Mustard were hit with a $300K lawsuit and an injunction so he can’t illegally make money of off their song.

Apparently Chris Browns 2014 hit song, “Came To Do” was written by multiple writers and was on Chris’s album. Now what’s interesting about this is that one of those writers, Red Wine, gave half of the rights to BMG Management.

Now fast forward later that year, Omarion released a song none of us will forget, “Post To Be.” BMG Management claims his song infringes on Chris Song. To make it worse they’re saying Omarion’s track is identical to Chris’s from the best placement, intervals, pitches, and rhythmic durations.

What do you think #Roommates… Do they sound similar?