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Roommate Talk: Dear TSR, Young MA Did New Orleans Dirty And I Need To Go Off !!


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Dear TSR,

I just want it to be known that New Orleans is pissed at Young M.A. and I’m about to go on a rant on how she did my city!! I’m convinced that she is not real, neva been real, and neva will be! She was supposed to throw an after party at a club called Studio 233, an event she even promoted on her Instagram before she deleted it because people started dragging her! Anyways, do you know that she pulled up to the club and didn’t even get out of the car because she felt like there wasn’t enough people there!!?? I don’t know what be in that Hennessy she be drinking but she needs to leave that ish alone because it got her priorities all f*ck up! The nerve of her to have her fans waiting to see her for not 1 not 2 but 8 dam hours… just to watch her pull up and pull off!! That was wack of her! The doors opened at 8 and the club closed at 3am, why wouldn’t she expect people to leave when 1:30 rolls around and her ass still ain’t there! I paid $80 to see her and ticket prices ranged from $45 to $560!!! We are her fans and her fans are the real reason why she eats and lets not forget that she only has one dam song ! You mean to tell me she couldn’t even stay around to do one song?? People almost fought the club owner because we couldn’t even get our refunds!



When It Was Time To Perform M.A. Was A No Show!



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