LHHNY: Kim Gets Put On Blast By Ex Girlfriend's Niece For Not Taking Care Of Lil Mendeecees -- Says She Is A Molester And She Ran Off With $10k

LHHNY: Kim Gets Put On Blast By Ex Girlfriend’s Niece For Not Taking Care Of Lil Mendeecees — Says She Is A Molester And She Ran Off With $10k

As if Love and Hip Hop isn’t messy enough, new tea we received on certain members of the New York cast will make it a whole lot messier!

This season, Yandy has been in the center of a baby mama drama nightmare. If you remember last season, before turning himself in to do his lengthy prison sentence,  Mendeecee had gathered all of the mothers of his children and begged them to stick together for the sake of the kids… well the complete opposite happened.

During last night’s episode, Mendeecees’ mother Judy revealed to Yandy that Lil Mendeecees is once again being bounced around from home to home and isn’t being taken care of by his mother, Samantha. Instead, Sam is allegedly pushing Lil Mendeecees off to her mother Kim. Of course when confronted with the new information, Kim and Samantha denied it.


Well apparently, the neice of Kim’s ex girlfriend is airing out all of Kim’s dirty laundry on Instagram! Not only is she saying that Sam’s son was in her aunt’s care for the past year, she also alleges that Kim ran off with $10,000 of her aunt’s money.

“As I sit and watch Love and Hip Hop tonight and see what Mrs. Judy tells Yandy. I have to now get the truth out! Yes Little Mendeecees was living with my aunt for almost a year, going to school from my aunts house because his mother was busy “working.” Kim and my aunt were a short term couple. My aunt is a very generous person and always ends up getting used smh… Kim Wallace “borrowed” $10,000 from my aunt and never paid her back. After my aunt took care of little Mendeecee buying sneakers, buying his clothes for school, making sure he eats everyday, making sure he gets to school every morning on time ext… Kim used my aunt and then ran off with her money. Not even a thank you for housing her and her grandson. My aunt only had a two bedroom apartment but bought a blow up mattress so Lil Mendee can sleep on! Once the summer came and Samantha  and her mother used my aunt for all they could they disappeared… Samantha hasn’t had her son since that boy’s father went to jail! Maybe they will have the decency to pay my aunt back her money. Oh and Samantha can say thank you as well but instead she wants to come on the show to pretend to care about her son! Not going to even hold you they make it sound so good smfh. Only if it were really true!”


She then goes on to say , “You toothless CRACKHEAD b*tch who molested your own child and didn’t raise one of your kids!!! B*tch you a f*ckin liar you know damn well my aunt took care of you and your grandson while your daughter was nowhere to be found!! @DaRealMamaKim faking heart attacks for a check you are 50 years old b*tch get a real job with benefits. Collecting social security pretending to be crazy! B*tch you know what it is. Y’all are funny and sounds convincing. Pay my aunt her money you used her for. Send her that game system she brought your grandson Junkie!


Yikes!!! And the tea doesn’t end there! A source tells us that Kim allegedly has Lil Mendeecee staying with her at a rehabilitation center where kids aren’t even allowed. They have supposedly been sneaking him in and out at night just so he could have a place to sleep.

Lord why can’t they be like Peter and Tara and just be cool for the sake of the kids ????… we know this will get messier.

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