Pittsburgh Steeler's Ryan Shazier's Baby Mama Shuts Down His Fiancé After She Posts Heartfelt Caption About Their Son!

Pittsburgh Steeler’s Ryan Shazier’s Baby Mama Shuts Down His Fiancé After She Posts Heartfelt Caption About Their Son!

One thing moms don’t play about is their kids! The mother of Ryan Shazier’s son, #TonikaMarie had to set the record straight today after Ryan’s fiancé Michelle posted a picture of her, Ryan, and the baby, making it seem like their “#BlendedFamily” life was peachy.

“Hey I might not really be your mother,” she said under the post. “But that don’t mean that I don’t really love ya. And even though I married your father that’s not the only reason I’m here for ya. I think you’re beautiful. I think you’re perfect. I know how hard it gets. But I swear it’s worth it…cause what you do…for love. #BlendedFamily **At the end of the day that’s all that matters**”

Clearly there’s a miscommunication somewhere because Tonika comments from she and Ryan’s son’s page basically telling Michelle to cut the lies and have several seats.

“This would be nice if you didn’t have my mother blocked,”she commented. “Didn’t tell my father that he should file for full custody JUST so he doesn’t have to pay my mother child support that he told her he wanted to pay her when he came to my mommy’s house after I was born.”

She claims that Michelle convinced Ryan to uninvited Tonika to their child’s second birthday party all because she wasn’t “ready for the stares” and that she should have more respect for the mother of her future husband’s child.

She adds a second comment implying that that’s what Ryan Jr. would say if he was “old enough to understand how [she’s] using him as a pawn in [her] game.”

Ladies how are y’all feeling about this scenario?!

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