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Keke Palmer Is Taking Legal Action Against Trey Songz

Looks like Keke Palmer never picked up the phone to smooth things out with Trey Songz #Roommates. Last week Keke went off on social media after she found out she was in Trey’s video “Pick Up The Phone”, after she told him she wanted no part in it. Keke said she felt pressured to be in it, to the point where she had to go hide in a closet so they would leave her alone. Even though Keke only made a cameo in the video she’s still pissed about it and plans to take legal action against her longtime friend.

In an upcoming episode with Larry King Now, Keke address the whole situation. Keke claims that she had been drinking and partying and hadn’t been in her right mind to make executive decisions.

“I said, first, ‘no’ to the producer, then said ‘no’ to the assistant, and then said ‘no’ to Trey, and then said it again after I came out of the closet,” she said.

Larry asked Keke to explain what she meant when she said he was using “sexual intimidation” to pressure her into doing the video.

She said:

“I mean just that,” adding, “I feel like as a female, often I’m put in situations where sometimes males will use their masculinity, their sexuality, to taunt you. I hate to say that and make it known, but I ain’t the first person that’s gone through this. People have gone through this all the time.”

Even though the video has been taken down Keke explains why she’s continuing to take to legal action.

“I mean, it’s out and it’s over but I feel more so my point, it’s not just specifically about this person, this guy or what he did. It’s the overall idea that you can’t just do stuff to people and it’s all right. No matter who you are.”


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