Preachers of Detroit Star Bishop Charles Ellis Accused of Cheating a Deceased Church Member's Family Out of Inheritance

Preachers of Detroit Star Bishop Charles Ellis Accused of Cheating a Deceased Church Member’s Family Out of Inheritance

Preachers Of Detroit star Bishop Charles Ellis is being accused of swindling the granddaughter of one of his deceased church members out of an inheritance. He allegedly persuaded the woman to reverse mortgage her home at some point and profited the funds.

The granddaughter wrote to #ObnoxiousTv explaining the details of a recording of herself, the bishop, his attorney and his secretary. In the audio, the woman says that they prevented her from inheriting her grandmother’s home and even made efforts to prevent her from ever finding out that the home was left to her. She writes:

“Together the three ensured that I never knew about the trust my grandmother created in 1997 and how she had an insurance policy that her trust was directed to use to pay off her debt (including the reverse mortgage she took out and gave to the church). So not only did she give the church the money from her reverse mortgage, after she died, the Good Bishop, worked with my aunt, and granny’s attorney to keep me from finding the trust and deed conveying the house to me. This was the most disheartening of it all.

I revered [Bisphop Ellis] as a father figure since I was a little girl. I can’t believe he would do this to me. But I’m sure money is his only God. As long as he can live in a multi-million dollar house with an indoor swimming pool, he can care less about the generational wealth that my grandparents intended me to have via a $120K house.”
Click here to listen to the conference call between the woman Bishop Ellis, Attorney Moore and her Aunt Rondalyn.
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