Coachella is coming for Urban Outfitters after one of its companies was accused of selling Coachella merch without permission.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Coachella affiliates are pissed that Free People (who’s parent company is UO) has been capitalizing off of their brand by “trading on the goodwill and fame” of the music festival after dropping “unauthorized apparel” that uses the Coachella trademark. Products named in the suit included the “Coachella Boot,” the “Coachella Mini Dress,” the “Coachella Pocket Tank,” and the “Coachella Valley Tunic.”

The suit also claims that this tactic misdirects consumers who are looking for Coachella’s official clothing online because “a Google search for ‘Coachella clothing’ results in an advertisement for Defendants’ infringing goods,” documents state.

Apparently, Urban Outfitters has been hit with multiple cease and desist letters from Coachella but it did no good and now the music festival is seeking unspecified damages as well as demanding that a judge orders UO to remove any of its infringing products from their website.

As for now, Coachella does have a license agreement with H&M and Pandora for apparel and jewelry.

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