TSR Positive Images: Shaquille O'Neal To Cover The Funeral Expenses For Georgia Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself On Instagram Live

TSR Positive Images: Shaquille O’Neal To Cover The Funeral Expenses For Georgia Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself On Instagram Live

Earlier we reported on a 13-year-old boy who had accidentally shot himself while on Instagram Live. While Malachi Hemphill’s mother and sister, the first two people to find him, are still trying to cope with the lost of a son and brother, former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal gives them a little bit of hope.

Hemphill’s godmother, Shantirea Bankston, confirmed to NBC 11 that Shaq had called and then stopped by Malachi’s house in Georgia to offer his condelences as well as offer to cover his funeral arrangements.

“We just broke down and started crying because Malachi didn’t have any insurance,” Bankston said. “We weren’t prepared to bury him this young. We didn’t have insurance for him. So to have that from Shaquille O’Neal it was a blessing and very touching, and we appreciate everything he do for the community.”

Malachi died Wednesday after he had accidentally shot himself after trying to put the safety on the gun after friends warned him as they watched on Instagram Live. His mother and sister were home at the time and heard the gun shot.

The ex Lakers player felt moved to help the Hemphill family seeing how Malachi’s death was so sudden.
“No mother should have to go through this,” he said in a statement to NBC11. “I can only imagine the pain that she and all of Malachi’s family must be feeling.”

Our condolences go out Malachi’s family and friends.

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Source: http://www.11alive.com/news/local/shaquille-oneal-to-pay-for-funeral-of-teen-who-accidentally-shot-himself-on-instagram-live-/431352628


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