TSR Exclusive: Ludacris Steps Into the Shade Room To Talk Fear Factor, Fast & The Furious and Vitamin D

TSR Exclusive: Ludacris Steps Into the Shade Room To Talk Fear Factor, Fast & The Furious and Vitamin D

If you haven’t heard, the show that brought to life all of your deepest darkest fears (bugs, guts, slimy stuff galore) is making a comeback with the coolest host ever … Ludacris!

Well Luda decided to take a chance of his own and step into The Shade Room where he talked everything from the new show to new music.

Of course you know we had to ask if he would ever be a contestant on Fear Factor and let’s just say he’s all for but only on one condition…

“I’m an adrenaline junkie and I’m competitive period just as long as I don’t have to eat anything I would most definitely be a contestant.”

He goes on to say that if there were ever a Fear Factor “Fast & The Furious” edition, he would most definitely win.

“I mean we are all rich and bougie but if it came down to winning some money then we would all do our part,” he says.

“I would most likely win but if I had to choose one of us who wouldn’t do it would be Vin only because he doesn’t really have anything to prove.”

Speaking on masculinity and fearlessness, Luda did say don’t get it twisted it’s normally the underdog who takes it all because it’s more of a mental thing vs muscle.

The Atlanta rapper has been working long before the reboot became the talk of the town. He recently dropped his latest his song “Vitamin D” this year and he says the response has been great.

“It was so funny because I would go on different shows and talk about the song and some of the women wouldn’t even know what I was talking about. When they finally realize they are even more for it … it’s the funniest thing.”

As far as other projects, he has an independent film he’s working on and he has some cool jams coming for the summer and there may even be an album in the works sometime in the future.

When it comes to people thinking about becoming contestants, he says preparation is definitely key.

“You have to definitely prepare mentally and physically for this. I have had to motivate people to get the job done because sometimes it’s just that gross and scary but preparation will definitely help.”

Make sure to catch the premiere tonight on MTV at 10/9c! Would you compete on Fear Factor for a chance to win $50,000?

Let’s chat below!

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