#TSRExclusive: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Rocked By Shocking Paternity Test--Plus More Tea!!

#TSRExclusive: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Rocked By Shocking Paternity Test–Plus More Tea!!

Roommates!! Get some ice so that you don’t burn your lip on this scalding hot tea!!! So, last night, the cast of #LHHATL got together for the taping of their reunion special. We had a Roommate in attendance who shared with us one of the most shocking moments in the show’s history and it all has to do with #Rasheeda, #KirkFrost, and their unending paternity drama with #JasmineWashington and longtime boo Logan.

Viewers, as well as Kirk, learned that he could possibly be the father of Jasmine’s baby this season and in so many words, we are the closest we’ve ever been to finding out who the baby daddy is! If you remember, Logan confronted Rasheeda in her clothing store and told her that he could be the father and submitted to a DNA test. According to our Roommate, the results were read by Nina Parker and they came back proving that he was not the father!!

Kirk’s chances of being the daddy just grew exponentially and probably mean that he is the father. Whether or not he is, has not yet been confirmed, so I guess we’ll have to wait for that tea to air in a couple of weeks!

In addition to all of this mess, Jasmine & Co. were not invited to the reunion, so she wrote a letter to Rasheeda in which she apologized for not coming to her woman to woman (no Shirley Brown) about everything. However, Kirk just believes that Jasmine went too far just to have her 15.75 seconds of fame on the show and is accusing her of blackmail!

What do y’all think? More importantly, will you be tuning in?!


TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet


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