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5 Reasons Christian Inspirational Speaker Dana Chanel’s New Found Love Inspires Us… (Warning Tear-Jerker)

Dana Chanel has gained popularity as a dynamic Christian Inspirational Speaker. She has been inspiring people with her positive words of encouragement and by simply living a life that the most high would approve of. Many women have lost hope in love or are  stuck to the idea that love does not exist…at least not the same way it did back in the day.

Is it possible to find a God-fearing, faithful, loving, expressive, successful, and praying man in this day and age? This is why stories like this are so important. They remind us Bitter-Bettys that love does exist and great men are still out there…somewhere. 

Dana Chanel has a new boo, Prince Donnell, and their love will warm your heart for sure! 

    Here are 5 reasons their love inspires us:

5) He’s fine. I know this may sound superficial but for the ladies who want to be attracted to our future boo, this is a big plus! Fine men usually get a bad rep so it’s nice to know that men in 2016 men can be fine and faithful.

4) They Pray Together- Depending on your spiritual beliefs this may be a plus or a deal-breaker. For us it’s definitely a plus. All my life I had to fight…for a man I could pray with…


3) They both have their own: They both have their own following and their own careers. He is also a writer/Inspirational speaker/Entrepreneur

2) They were best friends first! — I mean do I really need to explain why this is a plus! Who wouldn’t want to be besties with their boo?! Being best friends with your man before getting into a relationship helps to build a solid foundation for the future. Awww.

1) They Rep Each Other- When your man doesn’t tell the world about you then it may not be as serious as you think! These two rep each other all of the time! 



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