50 Cent Stops By Nicki Minaj’s Latest Episode Of “Queen Radio”

50 Cent Stops By Nicki Minaj’s Latest Episode Of “Queen Radio”

Many were tuned in today for Nicki Minaj’s latest episode of “Queen Radio” since it was her first episode of the year and more importantly, the first episode since her knock down, drag out social media war with ex-boyfriend Meek Mill. Well, during the episode a surprise guest stopped by…and it just so happened to be 50 Cent.

Fans likely tuned in to the most recent episode of Nicki Minaj’s “Queen Radio” expecting to hear her spill even more tea regarding her vicious social media exchange between herself and ex-boyfriend Meek Mill. However, that didn’t happen and instead the show was largely focused on her fans and very special guest, 50 Cent.

50 rolled through the show to chop it up with Nicki about a few things, including why he didn’t sign her back in the day and Nicki telling him that she should’ve landed a role on the recently-ended Starz series “Power,” executive-produced by 50.

After Nicki said that 50 is one of the few people in the industry to have her back, she followed that up by asking him why he didn’t sign her when she was looking for a deal.

50 replied with this:

“Because of Fendi, [referring to Nicki’s former manager] That’s the only reason why I wasn’t saying nothing or checking real hard for her because he was over there.”

She then shifted her energy to being on “Power” leading 50 Cent to respond with:

“We can make that happen whenever I can get availability outta you.”

Nicki seemed to like his answer and replied, saying “You heard it here first, Barbz. He’s going to let me come on one of his shows, okay? I should’ve been on “Power,” chile.”

Well, since there are four spin-offs of “Power” in the works, there is definitely room for her to join at least one of them.


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