We know 50 Cent is the king of the trolls, whether you find his antics funny or not. He has trolled just about every person you can think of, and the most recent person on his list was not having.

Just some days ago, Fifty reposted a photo of Naturi Naughton sporting a high ponytail. Along with the photo was a meme that stated “Ghost must’ve pushed Naturi’s hairline back in that scene.” If you recall, one of the most talked about scenes featuring Naturi and her on-screen husband Ghost showed them getting into a dispute, and Ghost pushing Naturi’s forehead.

Despite the amount of likes and laughs 50 Cent may have gotten from the post, Naturi took to her own Instagram letting it be known that she wasn’t having it and her feelings were hurt.

Then, Fifty did something he has never done before. He publicly apologized to Naturi for his comments, and let her know she is a money maker for him on ‘Power’.

Well, looks like that apology was short-lived because he’s back to his old ways once again! 50 Cent took to Twitter and reposted the same photo of Naturi, pictured next to an animated monster. He captioned the photo, “Who the f*ck did this? Power is #1”.

Although it is unclear whether he is making fun of her hair for the second time, that’s how social media users interpreted it, and they are not here for him at all!

Check out what some of the folks had to say: