6-Year-Old's Powerful Voice Wows When She Sings The National Anthem

6-Year-Old’s Powerful Voice Wows When She Sings The National Anthem

Remember when your parents used to tell you to “do that lil dance you be doing” when guests came over? Now that we’re older, imagine going over to a friend’s house and they tell their 6-year-old child to “sing that lil song you be singing,” and the child proceeds to SING sing!

That being said, 6-year-olds are a lot of things, and being extremely talented beyond their years is a rarity in itself. 

6-year-old piano student, Brianne Cameron really had us SHOOK as we heard her sing the National Anthem. Her voice is so strong, beautiful and powerful, that if you closed your eyes, you almost wouldn’t believe such a big voice was coming from a little girl.

Her piano teacher, Andre Sims, shared Brianne’s beautiful voice in a video, and his caption showed that he was seemingly proud to “discover an amazing gift” from his 6-year-old student.

Check out her beautiful voice below:


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