23 years after his death and 2Pac fans still can’t get enough of the iconic artist—however, it may be wise to limit your ‘Pac stanning to strictly after business hours. That’s the hard lesson that an Iowa official had to learn when he was recently fired because his 2Pac obsession was too much for his employees.

66-year-old Jerry Foxhoven is such a massive fan of 2Pac that it unfortunately cost him his job. According to @HuffPost, Foxhoven’s subordinates repeatedly complained about the overabundance of emails, birthday parties and thoughtfully curated playlists all about ‘Pac.

In recently discovered emails Foxhoven regularly sent messages to all of the agency’s 4,300 employees expressing his love for 2Pac’s music – he was abruptly fired from his position the day after his last round of ‘Pac-related emails, in late June.

That’s not all, Foxhoven’s love for 2Pac also featured weekly events, such as “Tupac Fridays” where he played his music all day in the office. For his 65th birthday, Foxhoven had 2Pac-themed cookies, including ones decorated with the words “Thug Life.”

Additionally, Foxhoven always marked the anniversary of 2Pac’s death in the office, shared his lyrics about love on Valentine’s Day and used photos of him to attempt to improve the agency’s culture. Foxhoven was specifically inspired by the lyric, “It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes,” from 2Pac’s hit song “Changes.”

In gathering evidence used to ultimately fire him, it was revealed that Foxhoven sent 350 pages of emails about 2Pac during his two years as the Director of the Department of Human Services. Foxhoven’s choice to spread his love for ‘Pac in the office was reportedly to “break down racist stereotypes about rap music.”

Spokesman Pat Garrett for Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds, wouldn’t confirm or deny that Foxhoven was terminated due to his fondness for 2Pac, citing possible other factors. Reynolds reportedly told Foxhoven to resign on June 17th.

Garret stated:

“As the governor has said, a lot of factors contributed to the resignation of Jerry Foxhoven and now Gov. Reynolds is looking forward to taking DHS in a new direction.”

Foxhoven also reportedly doesn’t believe that his undying love for 2Pac was the reason for his firing—and perhaps we will never know what the real reason was. Read more here


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