8 Juicy Things We Learned From The "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" 2 Part Finale - TEA Was Spilled On KUWTK (Pics/Video Inside)

8 Juicy Things We Learned From The “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” 2 Part Finale – TEA Was Spilled On KUWTK (Pics/Video Inside)


TEA was definitely spilled in the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Finale! The two part finale episode addressed so many things we’ve been wanting answers to including why Brody & Rob Kardashian didn’t show up to the wedding, if Kim & Kanye really cheated together while she was with Reggie Bush and so much more! We won’t bore you with a recap so we will list the top 10 things we learned from the finale below:

1) Scott Disick didn’t want to have his third child – We are sure he will come around once the child is born, but when Kourtney broke the news to Scott (she kept the news secret for weeks) he was totally not feelin’ it. He admitted to being depressed and admitted that he thought the new baby would put even more weight on his shoulders.


2) Brody Jenner didn’t attend the wedding because Kim Kardashian wouldn’t invite his girlfriend – Kim Kardashian was trippin’ on this one and we side with Brody on this issue. Kim said she wouldn’t extend an invite to Brody’s girlfriend because she wanted to keep the wedding extremely small and she wasn’t close to his girlfriend. Brody also seemed to be ticked off that Bruce & Kris paid for his brother Brandon and Wife Leah to fly to Paris for the wedding. However, Kris is rich so she could have EASILY paid for Brody’s ticket to Paris… and they could have invited his girlfriend because she’s only one person, not a soccer team. This was nothing but shade HUNTY!

3) Kim Kardashian said that Brody Jenner was talking smack around town – Kim Kardashian pulled Bruce aside to discuss his son Brody talking smack about her mother Kris. Apparently, Brody said some foul things to a mutual friend about Kris paying for Brandon & Lea’s tickets to Paris and not his.

brodyjenner(Brody ended up attending Kim’s ex Reggie Bush’s wedding with his girlfriend not too long after Kim’s Wedding)


4) Kanye West chose the Bridesmaids dresses and dictated the style – After seeing that Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, & Kylie were upset with the first set of bridesmaids dresses for the wedding (they didn’t like the fit), Kanye West called a designer and had her make the bridesmaids new dresses in one day. During the fitting Kanye was extremely involved, he even vetoed everyone’s preference to have a slit in their dress. He claimed the dresses would look “too vulgar” with a slit.


5) Rob Kardashian flew to Paris for the wedding but left early because he felt ugly – Rob has been feeling ashamed of his weight and left before the wedding because he felt “ugly” and didn’t want to see Kim’s guests. You will be surprised to know he made a peaceful secret exit. He emailed Kim once he left and explained himself. Kim was very understanding and wasn’t phased by it.


5) Kim admitted to talking to Kanye West while she was with Reggie Bush at her dinner party– Kim Kardashian admitted that Kanye West called her while she was in a relationship with Reggie Bush. He got her number through Kim’s assistant and they had their first phone conversation which lasted for 8 hours. The next morning Kanye called Kim and asked her, “So what do we do now?” Kim responded with, “Well, nothing.. I have a boyfriend.” If you can remember, Amber Rose accused Kanye of cheating with Kim Kardashian while she was dating him.


6) Kanye played his guitar and sang Kim a song dedicated to her in the studio – Kim’s friend told a story about how Kanye sang an original song dedicated to Kim in the studio. She said he played his guitar while repeatedly singing the words, “You’re Awesomeeee” over and over again.

7) Kanye and Kim first met at a party and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her – Khloe revealed that when Kanye first met Kim at a party he was staring her down like a piece of chicken. She said his eyes followed her wherever she went.


8) The reason the wedding took place in Florence is because that’s where they conceived baby North – Kanye West specifically wanted the wedding to be in Florence, Italy because that is where Kim first got knocked up with Baby North. The reason why they all first flew to Paris in the beginning is because that’s where Kim and Kanye first fell in love!


Overall, the finale was great!


Watch Video Below:


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