Chloe’s 8th birthday party was cancelled due to social distancing to avoid contracting or spreading the coronavirus.

Although her friends couldn’t party and participate in any birthday festivities due to the cancellation, they still showed up and showed up for their girl the best way they could.

Parked in their parents’ cars, or standing by their front doors, you can see Chloe’s squad hyping her from a distance. Although they made sure they were a good amount of feet away from one another, the love and spirit shown definitely makes it feel as though they were closer.

“An amazing example of how this current situation is bringing out the best in us!” Chloe’s uncle said. “Social distancing and home quarantines may hold back/halt certain things, but the goodness of people is alive and thriving!”

Happy birthday Chloe!! I’m going to need my friends to have this same energy even after the social distancing season is over!