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A 77-Year-Old Man Went To Go Watch “Annabelle Comes Home” And Passed Away

Roommates, if a horror film doesn’t give you a chill or two, is it really worth it? Well, moviegoers in Thailand got more than they bargained for when a man died during a screening of “Annabelle Comes Home.”
While vacationing in Thailand, a 77-year-old British man by the name of Bernard Channing, decided to enjoy a screening of The Conjuring’s ‘Annabelle Comes Home’. Although it is not clear as to what took place, by the end of the movie Channing was found dead.
Allegedly, Channing was found by the woman seated next to him. However, she did not notice his passing until the movie ended. Once Channing’s lifeless body was discovered, the frantic woman screamed out for help and fellow moviegoers called emergency services, but it was too late. Channing was pronounced dead at the scene. Local police said that there is no suspicion of foul play in this case. Due to Channing’s age, some may speculate a possible heart attack but nothing has been confirmed at this time. According to @TheSun, an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.
An eyewitness at the scene had this to say: “They were in the cinema where the man died, and they were very upset. They were shocked by what had happened. Some people had been sitting near the dead man.”
According to reports, Bernard bought a single ticket to Annabelle Comes Home and appears to have been in the theater alone. Channing was visiting Pattaya, Thailand, for vacation and may have been alone in the country altogether.
Channing’s death is the second passing that has been associated with The Conjuring franchise. The first was in 2016 when a 65-year-old man in India suffered a heart attack while watching The Conjuring 2. 
We send our prayers to Channing’s family at this time and we’ll keep you updated with any further details #Roommates.


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