Roommates, it seems like everybody is getting BOLD bold when it comes to using the n-word, and a Minnesota teacher is one of the latest to let the word slip.
According to NBC news, Wendy Brilowski has reportedly been placed on leave after a video of her calling her Highland Park Middle School students ‘f**** n***s’ went viral.
The school district verified with NBC that the video was authentic, and Brilowski can be heard using the slur very clearly. Another staff member at the school said “she’s repeating what you’re saying” after the slur was used, but it is not clear whether or not any students used the slur first.
Saint Paul Public Schools Superintendent Joe Gothard said there would be aggressive action taken, and apologized to parents about foul and racist language being used in the district.
“As educators, we have to be held to a higher standard and we know that this situation represents a failure on our part,” Gothard said. “And we will not fall silent in the face of racism in our schools.”
Brandy Coleman, the mother of one of the students, told NV that the video had come amid tensions between Brilowski and her daughter. He daughter said that Brilowski had previously called her and other students ‘negroes’.
“It breaks my hear that I didn’t know the magnitude of the situation so that I could intervene before that video,” she said.
As of now, it is unclear what led to Brilowski using the n-word in the video. Brilowski has not commented on the situation.