A Texas Couple Gets Truck Vandalized After Having A Black Friend Visit!

A Texas Couple Gets Truck Vandalized After Having A Black Friend Visit!

When there is one step toward progression there seems to be someone trying to pull it back!

A Texas couple were recent victims of a racial hate crime this past weekend.The Frankes, who reside in Spring, Texas, were appalled as they arrived to their car only to see it was defaced with graffiti of racial speech that included “KKK” on the hood!

The white couple had a black friend in town visiting them for the holiday weekend. Apparently, they were seen hanging out in the front yard mowing the grass and enjoying the weather.

To their surprise they had no clue of the cruel act that had been performed to their $50,000 truck. Their guest naturally felt responsible. Mrs. Frank stated “He felt like it was his fault, and I don’t want him to feel that way. He’s always welcome in our home.”

After a lot of hard work the Frankes were able to remove the graffiti with help from friends, neighbors and nail polish remover.

They also plan on installing security cameras to their property for safety precautions. Reports say that the neighborhood is diverse but this was not the first time a graffiti incident happened.
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